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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield named commander of ISS Expedition 35

Only 2 shuttle flights left.

Next launch Nov 30- STS-133


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Canada in Space

Alouette 1

Information on Canada's first satellite

Alouette Images

Images of Alouette 1

Astronaut Biographies

Biographies of all of the Canadian astronauts

Astronaut Images

Images of the Canadian astronauts


Information of the Canadarm, the shuttles robotic arm.

Canadarm 1 Images

Images of the original Canadarm


Information of Canada's contribution to the International Space Station (ISS)

Canadian Space History

Canadian Shuttle and ISS Missions

Highlights of some of the Canadian shuttle and ISS missions

Radarsat 1

Information on Canada's Radarsat 1 satellite

Radarsat 2

Information on Canada's Radarsat 2 satellite