Kenneth (Ken) Money
Canadian Space Agency Astronaut-Retired

Born: January 4, 1935 Toronto, Ontario
Married to Sheila Mary Donnelly. They have 1 child.
Dr. Money enjoys badminton, skiing, skydiving, fishing and reading.

Dr. Money was one of the original six Canadian astronauts selected in December 1983 and was seconded to the National Research Council (NRC) from the Department of National Defence to begin astronaut training in february 1984. Since 1986, his scientific work at DCIEM has been related to the space adaptation investigations of the IML-1 mission. He was chosen as one of two Canadian Payload Specialist candidates who began training in the spring on 1989 for the IML-1 mission. In 1990 Dr. M<oney was named as the alternate Canadian Payload Specialist to Roberta Bondar for the IML-1, STS-42 mission.

Dr. Money left the Canadian Space Agency effective in July, 1992 to return to his position as senior scientist at DCIEM where he is involved in pilot disorientation research and space science. He is currently involved in pilot disorientation research and space science at DCIEM.